Star Wars Legion AT-RT

Painting Star Wars Legion AT-RT Miniature

Craig Smith Games and Hobbies

I’ve been having a blast painting Star Wars Legion miniatures this past month. This week I’ll be Painting my Star Wars Legion AT-RT Miniature. If you’ve read my previous post, Painting Miniatures for Beginners, you know I’ve been spending a lot of time trying different paints, techniques, brushes, and all of the other things involved in painting my growing collection …

Star Wars Legion Miniature Painting

Painting Miniatures for Beginners

Craig Smith Games and Hobbies

2020 was a weird year for hobbies; both new and rediscovered. Painting miniatures may have saved some of my sanity from the past year. Losing essentially all of my live performance guitar gigs at the end of March was quite a blow to my income and also my ego. I jumped in full-force in April completing my Classical Guitar – …