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Upcoming Shows

1/4 - Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-8
1/6 - Craig Solo (Private)
1/7 - Acoustic Inferno @ Fuel/The Alley Patio 4-8
1/11 - Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-8
1/13 - Acoustic Inferno @ Trader’s NSB 6-10
1/14 - Acoustic Inferno @ Sanford Brewing Co. 4-6:30
1/15 - Acoustic Inferno @ The Breezeway 2-5
1/18 - Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-8
1/20 - Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-8
1/21 - Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-8
1/25- Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-8

1/27 - Acoustic Inferno @ J.B.'s Fish Camp 4-8 

1/27- Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-9
1/28 - Acoustic Inferno @ Genuine Bistro 6-9
1/29 - Acoustic Inferno @ The Breezeway 2-5

2/1 - Craig Solo @ Digress Wine 6-8

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