Guitarist, Author, Teacher: Craig W. Smith

Guitarist & Author

Originally from Canton, Ohio, Craig Smith moved to the Central Florida area in 1999. He currently lives in Sanford, Florida with his wife Celeste, Chihuahuas; Abigail, Rosita, and Princess Leia.


Craig started playing guitar in 1988. At first influenced by 80s Rock and Metal, Craig took a deep dive into a variety of other guitar styles including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Latin, and Fusion.


Craig Smith has published 4 guitar instructional books including the best selling: 'The 7 Day Practice Routine for Guitarists' (2018). He has guest written on Heavy.com and hundreds of lessons on his website Lifein12Keys.com.

Guitar Teacher

Craig started teaching guitar lessons in 1991. By the late 1990s, he had over 70 students per week with a waiting list of another 25+ guitarists. These days when not writing or performing, he takes a limited number of advanced students in-person or online via Zoom.

journeyman Web dude

What started as a hobby after watching WarGames as a kid, Craig's IT interests blossomed into a lifelong passion for technology and casual web development.

Acoustic Inferno

After playing 200+ Rock, Metal, and Pop gigs per year for over 25 years, Craig switched almost exclusively to Acoustic and Classical Guitar styles in the 2010s. Acoustic Inferno includes Florida native, pianist, singer, and percussionist, Lyndsley Green. You can catch them playing bars, restaurants, resorts, corporate events, and beaches all over Central Florida. AcousticInferno.com

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